I am a girl in my 30’s and I live in Pune (India) with my big joint family. I studied electronics engineering and at the end of the 4 years my biggest learning was that engineering is not for me. So I did the next best thing, hopped on to the MBA bandwagon to avoid the IT companies.

MBA led straight into the corporate world and that’s when reality struck. Where were the high profile high stake board room meetings? Where were the pencil skirts? The high heels?  Where were the men in well fitted black suits? Oh is that only for the movies? I felt misled, disappointed and cheated..

What I also felt was a void in my life that comes with a lack of a passion, a goal and a dream.  That is when lookinggoodfeelingfab.com happened and world suddenly came alive. It is the perfect marriage of all my interests and passions.

Photography, fashion, fitness, writing, interacting with brands and my readers, all of it is a lot of hard work but when it is something you love it really does not seem hard at all. It brings joy and purpose to my life every day and I want to thank you for being a part of it all.

Lookinggoodfeelingfab.com is a little cozy corner of the internet. This is where you and me meet , this is where I share a little piece of me, my life and learnings with you and in return I learn so much from each one of you.
It is a space for smart intelligent women, like you.
It is about understanding that……..
Fashion is not just about the clothes but about how they make you feel.
Beauty is not just about makeup, it is about facing each day with bright confidence.
Fitness is not just about sweating, it is about paying gratitude for the body we have.
Food is not just about eating, it is about nourishing our body soul and spirit.
Reading is not just accumulation of knowledge, it is about sharing that knowledge.
Life is not just about living but about bringing joy, purpose and intention into each day.
It is about showing up AS THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF
For that interview, that class, that date, that exam, that meeting
For the new day…for everyday.
It is about learning, growing and finding happiness where ever you are, by striving towards the best you possible.